Digital marketing strategy

After we understand what the business wants to achieve, we will identify key digital development areas. For the most part if the business is interested in generating ROI from digital marketing we will gladly assist with that and simultaneously we will develop the online positioning of the business.

DigitalMarketingPalace works relentlessly to drive paid results for our clients through all social and digital advertising mediums. Understanding each platform available to distribute digital advertising with and having experience in every category, we know how to get you leads and sales. By sharing content, engaging with the audience and managing the reputation we build the brand image across all relevant platforms. In a nutshell - we create digital ads that drive you revenue and build brand awareness in the meantime.


Digital Marketing Strategy


Clear process to revenue

We separate revenue driving campaigns from brand awareness campaigns. The clear process to revenue is an estimate which covers the exposure costs and paid advertising costs and generates revenue on top of that. It is simple yet necessary planning. It is also focused on short-term completely trackable results. Other aspects like set up or maintenance are also included in the plan. For us, this plan helps to evaluate what the performance of revenue driving campaigns should be. This plan shows to our clients the importance and benefits of our short term work process.


Clear process to revenue


Growth plans

Long-term the business is almost certain to benefit from digital marketing. We are here to prepare our clients for what is to come and which zone of the business it will affect. By gathering data on how the audience reacts to different campaigns, we can predict future outcomes. It is important to know if the business needs to improve on something, based on customer feedback. In short, we will identify the problem, gather the information, analyse and propose a solution. Listening to the customer is of immense importance and a key factor for growing a business.


Growth Plans