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Referral Programme


DigitalMarketingPalace has a brilliant and encouraging referral program. It is as simple as it can be and the reward accumulation is unlimited.

If your business is networking or you have friends and you are happy with our services, send them our way. For every client that you refer to us, you get 5% from their monthly retainer each month as a discount towards your own monthly retainer for as long as they are with us. When the discount reaches 100% and your services with us become free, you start earning on top of that and the accumulated rewards will be sent out to you each month.

For example, if your retainer fee is 2,000£ a month and you refer a client to us who signs up for a 5,000£ monthly retainer, you instantly get 250£ discount and your retainer becomes 1,750£ with absolutely no effect on the services that we provide for you.

So what are you waiting for, make a few phone calls and make it worth your while. Terms and conditions apply.


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